How to fight depression naturally

According to psychiatry, there are many reasons for depression. They say it could be for a chemical imbalance in the brain, it could be generic, Environment, trauma in childhood or maybe a chain of events. But it doesn’t matter how you have got it, what matters is what you are doing to get rid of it. People judge everything by there own experience so this article is written based on my experience and emotions so I am sorry if any of my opinions seem crazy to you, I have been through severe depression I still do sometimes and to be honest, it kills me. But what has kept me going is my will that forces me to get back at the state I wish to be. I have never been to a psychiatrist, though I have been asked but it was just someone being sarcastic. See, in a developing country like Bangladesh people don’t take it seriously about how you feel. So, I had to find my own ways to get out of it and to be honest I feel proud because its a chain of activity after which you naturally start to feel good and confident.

Depression can strike you for thousands of reasons but you just have it keep in mind that eventually, it will go away. This thought will help you to develop a strong conviction to fight against the bad feelings you are going through. Now before I start talking about how you fight depression lets talk a little about the placebo effect. David Hamilton was fascinated by it while working as an organic chemist he came to know that in drug trials, people given sugar pills often recover just as well as those on other medication. “On average, placebo effects cure anything between 30 to 90%. Hamilton was never convinced that man could improve on nature, and instead was becoming more and more fascinated by the potential healing power of the mind. And I believe this healing power of mind comes from practices of good habits and faith. So without any further due let’s start with our hacks.

The first thing you are going to do (While going through depression)

Depression drains a huge amount of your positive energy so, you struggle getting any work done. Take some time off but make it useful and how you are going to do that?. Take a diary and start writing the good things for which you are grateful. Start thinking, it could be your job, your relationship, your friends & family anything maybe your dog or cat that you love so much that you are happy they exist in your life. 

Now, start writing what makes you sad and from that try to dive into the reasons that cause your depression. It may take some time but if you focus enough you will find something. After you have noted down the regretful things in your life, start making a plan ‘how you are going to work on them and make them matter’. After you are done planning start with the easiest one and work on it.

It has always been something intangible for me, I was always socially awkward and it often used to make me mad at myself. So, this is what I wrote in my diary

  1. Gym from tomorrow.
  2. Plan Hasib’s birthday, have to talk to his friends.
  3. ask Aditi out

 While I was writing notes, I felt ease just thinking about the possibilities. And yes Aditi did go to the movies with me ๐Ÿ˜€

You Just have to focus enough to find out the matters that are bothering you the most, the solution will eventually come to you.

Guide to a healthier lifestyle for growing Positive Energy 

Positive energy is something that strengthens your soul, confronts negativity, helps you to keep moving forward. It helps you to accept the people around you.

When you will have enough good energy in you, depression will hardly find a way to get you. These practices are going to be in your daily routine. So, brace yourself 

1. Start working out & Eat Healthy 

Now, I know this seems very generic but it has helped me fight my depression. I am not asking you to go to gym from tomorrow but at least set 20 minutes everyday to workout in your home. There are plenty of apps titled homeworkout, you can download these apps and start from today. 

There is this saying ” You are what you eat”. Having a healthy diet is very important. Our taste buds force us to go to the burger king and get the cheesiest burger that there is and that is ‘okay’ sometimes but you have to realize it can only be your guilty pleasure, can not be your diet. You are allowed to eat meat only if you are eating a lot of vegetables. So, make a proper diet for yourself and try your best to be dedicated to it.

2. Spend time with a community that shares the common passion 

This is an amazing way to be around with people with whom you’ll enjoy spending time with. There are thousands of communities that are doing workshops, clubs, training classes they have pages on Facebook, Instagram if not you can google to find. Go to the events, talk to the people, connect with them. The best thing about it is that you will find somebody that shares the same interest.

There is one more thing that you may not agree with me and that is you can also go to such events or clubs that you don’t have any knowledge about the culture or emotion they share because you will get to learn something new there. 

I never acted in my life but once out of blue I decided to audition in a theatre. I got a small part and did two shows so far but the interesting thing is I go there every weekend and have a great time rehearsing because I like hanging with them, it’s the people that matter.  

3. If you feel you are getting negative energy from your surroundings, don’t avoid them, try rising above them.

Now, this is something that has made me struggle a lot. opinions of others have always mattered to me and whenever I tried to start something new or do something different I have got negative responses and then the thought of their judgment after failing scared the shit out of me. But as I grew up I realized people judge you from there perspective and you can not do anything about it but that doesn’t mean they are bad guys. So, it’s okay if they make fun of you for doing something new but just don’t let them get to you. So, rather getting depressed, get motivated and turn the negativity into your stong will-power to show them. And no matter what people say it is okay to try something new and suck at it. But don’t start hating them for letting you down, rather share with somebody who understands you.

4. Be more creative

You don’t have to be creative to be creative. Just find time to do the things once you used to enjoy. You can start drawing in your free time or maybe learn guitar/any other musical instrument or maybe start doing photography and if you are bad at all these things then start writing like me. Trust me you will have a good time doing it.

6. Dance more often

Fake it till you make it. If you always had a defective response to dancing it would be difficult for you still force yourself to do it once in a while. Dancing makes you feel energetic and wild. 

If you are too shy to dance in front of people then dance in your room, play your favorite song go crazy for a while and if you have a mirror watch yourself doing it, trust you will have fun.

7. Fake it till you make it (Force yourself to be happy)

Force yourself to be happy, you have every right to be. If it doesn’t come from the heart then just start faking it. Call your friends home, go to hangouts, ask your colleagues for beers, force yourself to go out there. We have always been social beings so, when we are around people we naturally start to feel good. Be out there!

Remember you can always talk to me, send me email at the contact page. Tell me if you are having a bad day maybe we can come up with a solution.

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