Mini Habit Concept

Just Imagine after a hard day of work, you come home sits in your comfy chair lights your cigarette turns on the tv and then you remember you’re supposed to start working out for 30 minutes. What will you do? There is a high chance you will just raise up the volume and continue with the tv. Now imagine the same thing but Instead of working out for 30 minutes you decide to do only five push-ups.

Now here Stephen Guise came up with this awesome concept to prevent people from setting overly-high ambitious goals that are impossible to complete on a daily basis. Rather just start small, it’s okay if you go stupid small don’t worry eventually you’ll go large. It can be anything. If you want to Read start reading one page, If you want to write start writing a one per day, If you want to be a Comedian start writing one joke a day. When you are on a plane During Take-Off you will feel all the turbulence but once the plane starts flying the journey is smooth. Now my brother Alvee will be like “There is turbulence when there is thunder or when the weather is bad” with his sarcastic fat voice. Sure, Eventually you have to push yourself to go an extra mile and you will be able to do it, you know why?…. Because you don’t want to miss out seeing a better version of you.

Writing has become one of my mini habits these days. I am very bad at it but that’s just fine because I enjoy while I am writing. When you start learning something new it will be super bad at first but the fun part is It doesn’t matter! because eventually, you will get better, so enjoy the stupid little mistakes you make and keep moving forward.

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