How to be happy with your life (6 hacks to happiness)

Remember how happy you used to be when you got a gift from someone but as we grow old these little things cease to make us feel delighted as they used to. Everyone has there own reasons for that or maybe it has something to do with adulthood but happiness has a deeper connection with positive energy. And we all know Positive energy makes the world a much better place.

There are times when life just puts us down. Sometimes you feel like there is no way out from what you are going through maybe it could be your depression or the stress from your work but eventually, it will get better because that’s just how life is. You just have to believe that these are just the bad days and they will go away. I remember this poem where the author explained how the Sun rises through the darkness just like happiness in bad days, I know how cheesy it sounds but at the same time, it is just a fact we hardly realize.

The best thing about being happy is you don’t just have to wait for it neither you have to go to the Himalayas to look for it. Now let’s just get into steps you should take to make your life happier.

1. Find the little things you enjoy doing 

I am not asking you to find your passion, it’s just the little things that you like to do. It can be anything like watching that show you used to watch when you were young or read some good books or try those recipes you watched on Facebook. It could be anything, you just have to look for it and trust me you will feel happy while doing those little things.

2. Try waking up early 

Nothing can be more satisfying than being productive. And if you wake up early in the morning you will have time to work on your passion and be productive at the same time. We are busy throughout the week with our work hardly find time to do things that we actually like and on the weekends we tend to become social beings and hang out with our companions. So, when do we work on our passion?

You don’t need to be a poet to apprehend the beauty of the morning. Before 6 am the air is filled with positive energy, you just have to be enthusiastic enough to be awake before 6 am. It is going to be difficult at the beginning but eventually, you will start to feel the excitement of being more creative and productive.

So, after waking up get fresh (maybe take a shower) then make a hot cup of coffee(or tea) start learning what you have always wanted to learn and get better at it. You will find a great deal of pleasure from it. Just remember we have the whole world on our laptop.

3. Start being Social

While working in a production factory I was so busy with work that I never had time for my family or friends. Though they understood, but I was getting depressed and getting less and less motivated towards my work. The long rest on the weekends didn’t help either. So, I started socializing with my colleagues and started spending time with them in my leisure. At first, I never thought it was possible because I was always socially incompetent and my close friends were the only ones with whom I could open up. But the interesting fact is your colleagues are probably going through the same busy schedule so It’s okay to ask them for a beer.

Now if you are good at socializing that’s cool but if you are like me then I would like to share some tips on how to be friendly.

  • Be a good listener. Sometimes it becomes too difficult not to talk but you have to give your full attention when someone is sharing their thoughts. Don’t interrupt while one is talking but do give your opinions if asked.
  • It’s okay to be expressive. Sometimes you will get a bad eye for that but don’t budge, it will boost your confidence.
  • Don’t judge. Sometimes we judge instantly rather than trying to understand what the person is going through. Be supportive.

These practices will develop leadership qualities in you, I would like to share more about it but for now, let’s just get back to the search for happiness (So Dramatic right? :p)

4. Start doing Social work

trust me when I say this, there is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone. for a minute try to remember the day when someone was really happy for something you did for them, it felt good right? seeing them happy. So, this is our next hack for happiness but remember we can not expect anything in return, it will be totally selfless. You can start with a little charity or by being there for someone in need.

5. Travel

Learning a new culture can always be interesting. We see a small corner of this large world every day. For a change be on the other parts. You are probably thinking about the money and time which you don’t have right now, so start planning. If you don’t find a partner to go with you then just go alone, it has it’s own delights.

Take the calendar, set the dates, decide the destination and start planning. And don’t forget to archive the journey and send it to me.

6. Spend time with the loved ones

As we grow old we get so busy with our mounted life that we forget to visit the house where we were brought up. Family is a blessing and everyone isn’t lucky enough to have this blessing.

So, visit your folks. Have a beer with your father and help your mother in the kitchen. Have a game night with your siblings.

Being happy is not difficult 

You know these things but you just needed someone to remind you. If you are going through depression that’s okay because it will go away tomorrow just don’t give in. Better days will come like it always does.

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