Relation Between Obesity And Diabetes

What Is Obesity

There was a time when people used to do manual work, but nowadays we are living a sedentary lifestyle. Most of the days we spent sitting in front of a computer. So as days have gone by people unknowingly tending to become obese. Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat that might affect their health. A doctor will usually suggest that a person has obesity if they have a high body mass index. A BMI between 25 and 29.9 indicates that a person is carrying excess weight. A BMI of 30 or over suggests that a person may have obesity. Obesity is known to be the main risk factor for non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, hypertension or a certain type of cancers. Over the last century, obesity has emerged as a leading global health concern through recent environmental and societal changes, favoring a positive energy balance and weight gain.

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