Two frogs and a challenge

The story starts with two brothers frogs jumping in a field having fun. Suddenly both of them fell into a pit. Other frogs of the town came running to help but when they saw how deep the pit was, they started saying it would be impossible for them to get out of the pit. They didn’t listen to them rather started jumping to get out of it. The other frogs also didn’t stop saying that what they are trying to do is nothing but foolish attempts. And then one of the frogs gives up. he went to a corner of the pit waiting for his death. The other frog didn’t give up yet and every time he jumped higher than the previous attempt.  Once again, the other frogs yelled at it to stop the pain and accept his death. He tried even harder and finally jumped out of the pit. Every other frogs were amazed when he got out of the pit. They asked the frog ” didn’t you hear what we said all this time, we were mean to but you still didn’t give up”. then one of the frog explained that the frog who won the battle with death is deaf. Then the frog himself said to all the frogs of the town ” Thank you, every one it’s because of you that I was able to come out. All this time you guys were here cheering for me, supporting me”

“Be an Encourager, The world has plenty of critics”

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